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Mother’s Day Specials

Mother’s Day Specials

Mother’s Day Specials 2000 1333 Isle of Wight Steam Railway
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Mother's Day Specials

Sometimes it’s good to surprise mum and treat her to something a little unexpected. Spend the day with mum and bring her along to the Railway for a more relaxed Mother’s Day. Take advantage of beautiful woodland strolls and visit the on site refreshment rooms to treat mum to a tasty lunch.

As a special treat, every mother travelling on the train will receive a free posy of Spring flowers.

Finish your day with a relaxing journey through 10 miles of unspoiled Island countryside aboard one of our beautifully restored steam trains.

Looking for a luxury day out?

Why not make your day extra special by booking our 1st-Class Experience, complete with luxury picnic hamper

Blue Timetable
Havenstreet depart 10:15 11:40 13:15 14:33 15:48*
Smallbrook Junction arrive 10:26 11:51 13:26 14:44 15:59
depart 10:37 12:06 13:36 14:56 16:10
Havenstreet depart - - - - 16:23
Wootton depart 11:05 12:31 14:03 15:21 16:39
Havenstreet arrive 11:11 12:37 14:09 15:27 16:45
Most trains run non-stop between Smallbrook Junction and Wootton and stop at Ashey on request. *The 15:48 train does not run before 28 March