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Track Pack – July 2018

Track Pack – July 2018

Track Pack – July 2018 1362 766 Isle of Wight Steam Railway


Saturday’s plan is to spend the day in the vicinity of Deacon’s Lane Bridge. With the current hot weather predicted to stay for the near future, the access and shade provided by this area should prove useful. Sleeper changing will provide the main area of work but there is also some light fettling to be done if things get too hot.

After a trip up the line first thing to collect the exchanged sleepers, Sunday will be spent in and around Havenstreet Station on a variety of minor tasks.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the weekend, at the usual time of 8.30am at the P.Way Yard.


With the seemingly never ending hot weather at full blast over the weekend the two days were spent in areas where a bit of shade and shelter were available if required.

Smallbrook station was the venue for Saturday’s activities, some poor condition sleepers in the run-round loop being exchanged for new stock. Measured progress in the heat got half the marked sleepers put into the loop by dinnertime.

The afternoon session got another three put into the approach curve before it was time to catch the train back to Havenstreet station.

After a Wickham trip first thing to gather in the replaced sleepers at Smallbrook, the rest of Sunday was used to clear the assorted bramble etc. that had grown over the assorted piles of pointwork stored at the top of Griffin’s field. The recently purchased parcel of Woodland provided useful shade for the gang.

Thanks to everyone for their help over the weekend, especially in the difficult weather conditions.


Given the abnormally dry weather it was decided to carry out as little lineside clearance as necessary and reduce as much as possible the risk of accidental fires. As it happens the weather has already had a predictable effect on most of the vegetation, so little extra clearance, of the usual second lot of growth, has been required.

The lull in cutting has allowed other jobs be pressed ahead with. Three new wicket gates, to replace rather tired examples at Ashey Station, Woodhouse and Packsfield Crossings, are slowly approaching the fitting stage.

Some time has also been spent sorting the collection of materials stored in Griffins Field. These are slowly being decanted into some kindly donated steel cages, ready to be moved by the section’s two recently qualified Fork Lift operators.

The Friday Gang have continued to work, if in a more restricted manner, their efforts restricted to the shaded areas through the woodland for welfare and safety reasons.

All the best
Phil, Ian and Pete.


The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for all of the railway’s track, signalling equipment and lineside fencing – It’s all healthy outdoor work!

Monthly working parties are organised to tackle important tasks requiring a large team, regular weekly gangs tackle lineside clearance, fencing renewals and many other maintenance tasks. We also have our ‘Friday Gang’ who do a great job of keeping the lineside neat and tidy, it’s Men In Sheds – but without the shed!

If you are interested in joining our team please contact the railway’s Volunteer Coordinator for more details.