Private Train Charters

If you’re looking to impress and/or treat a group of friends, family members or colleagues a private train charter may just be the ticket

The perfect party package.

Settle into the privacy of your own compartment and enjoy the journey through beautiful countryside, passing woodland, working farms and stunning views of the Downs.

Choice of packages

Packages can be agreed and tailored to your requirements to include platform receptions with drinks as well as light buffet platters of your choice to be enjoyed on the train.

Pricing examples:

  • Use of reserved private compartments on a scheduled service train, £11.00 per person 15-30 guests for groups in excess of 10 people
  • Private train charter at the end of a scheduled operating day. From £1,000
  • Private train charter on a day the railway is not operating. From £1,850

We strongly recommend you call us and arrange a date to meet us and see our facilities.

For more information please contact our commercial department on 01983 882204 or send us a message HERE.

Coronavirus Information

The Railway is closed until further notice. We will reopen as soon as Government advice changes. Thank you for everyone’s ongoing support; we hope to see you all again soon.