1960s Weekend

1960s Weekend

1960s Weekend 2560 1440 Isle of Wight Steam Railway
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A weekend of trains, music and fashion from this memorable decade.

1960s Weekend

The music! The fashion! The trains!

We've transported the railway back to 1967 to celebrate all things Sixties. The Beatles and Rolling Stones are in the charts, Carnaby Street is 'swinging', the pound has been devalued, and Sandie Shaw has just won the Eurovision Song Contest.


For this weekend we've imagined that the age of steam survived on the Isle of Wight into 1967. Six Ivatt 2MT locomotives have been shipped to the Island to replace the elderly O2s. For this weekend only we'll be renaming our two Ivatt locomotives continuing the Island tradition of naming locomotives after local towns and villages.

Look our for our Class 05 diesel Nuclear Fred pottering around the station with a period works train. In the station yard a group of enthusiasts from the newly formed Wight Locomotive Society will be displaying their new purchase W24 Calbourne.


Spend your day enjoying the music of the Sixties with live entertainment around the station. Dressing up in clothes of the era is positively encouraged (Don't worry if you don’t want to, all are welcome). Our bar and cafe will be open - sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

We welcome top tribute band The Vox Beatles to the Havenstreet stage. Get ready to Twist & Shout as you enjoy a catalogue of classic hits that defined the decade.

The Hillmans make a return to the Railway having made a big impression at our 2021 event. With Dick Taylor from The Pretty Things, they'll entertain with a great mix of rock, blues and jazz.


Train Timetable

Havenstreet depart 10:10 10:50 11:35 12:20 13:10 14:00 14:35 15:09 15:40
Smallbrook Junction arrive 10:21 11:01 11:46 12:31 13:21 14:11 14:46 15:20 15:54
depart 10:35 11:13 11:58 12:40 13:31 14:21 14:56 15:29 16:04
Havenstreet depart - - - - - - - - 16:16
Wootton arrive 10:52 11:30 12:15 12:57 13:58 14:38 15:13 15:46 16:22
depart 11:00 11:40 12:23 13:10 14:07 14:46 15:21 15:54 16:30
Havenstreet arrive 11:06 11:46 12:29 13:16 14:13 14:52 15:27 16:00 16:36
Most trains run non-stop between Smallbrook Junction and Wootton. Trains stop at Ashey on request.



Standard tickets include one complete train journey to both ends of the line, plus all the music and activities around Havenstreet station. Book online to reserve a compartment for you and your family. First-class tickets also available

Admission-only tickets (buy at the gate) for this weekend are Adults: £10, Children £5.




This event is sponsored by Wightlink