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Welcome to /TeamAdmin

You can use this page to access the latest IWSR Newsletter, sign up for trips and events, renew your Staff Card, and find out about other opportunities and training available to our volunteers.

At present we’re still putting together all the things you’ll eventually be able to use this page for, but for now you can renew your Staff Card, or sign up for the latest trips and activities using the forms and links below.


HRA NEWS – Autumn 2023

The railway’s current clothing order form can be accessed through the Expenses Policy. Find the latest version on HOPS under Community > General Documents > Company Policies

Renew your staff card

    To access our volunteer benefits and request clothing or PPE, you will need to ensure you hold a valid Staff Card.

    Most volunteers and staff will already have one of these, but if yours has expired or been lost, you can order a replacement using the form below.

    If you have a temporary cardboard staff card, or have never been issued with any staff card, please email volunteer@iwsteamrailway.co.uk to arrange getting one. Your staff card entitles you to a range of benefits including price reductions in the IWSR Catering outlets, shop, and significant discounts with Hovertravel, so make sure yours is up to date!


    Check back soon for more!

    Previous Event Ticket Draws & Winners

    Wolverton Folk & Blues Fair – Mick Anderson (Operating)
    Cowes Fringe – Annette Bird (Train Story)
    Isle of Wight Festival – Freddie Daybles-Thompson (Locomotive Engineering)
    Royal Isle of Wight County Show – Phil Wyatt (Estates)
    Jack Up Events ABBA Chique Party – Bernadette Banner (Carriage & Wagon)
    Ventnor Fringe (Aretha Franklin Story) – Geoffrey Purdue (Administrative Support)
    Chale Show – Fiona Haddon (Estates)
    Jack Up the Party – Vicky Gooders-Graham (Estates)



    Heritage Railway Association HRA Privilege Card

    From just £35.00 per year for staff and volunteers at participating HRA members. HRA Privilege is the new identity for the Heritage Railway Association’s long-standing reciprocal travel scheme, formerly known as InterRail.

    HRA Privilege provides free or discounted travel and entry for heritage railway volunteers and staff on more than 100 railways, cliff railways and tramways across the UK. Volunteers and staff from all HRA member railways and organisations are elligible for the scheme. The HRA Privilege reciprocal travel scheme is the biggest of its type in the world.

    It’s a great benefit for working volunteers and staff. Each HRA Privilege pass covers TWO adults at any of the participating railways. The one off purchase saves money on every visit throughout the year. Using the HRA Privilege pass couldn’t be easier. Simply present your pass at the booking office for massive discounts of up to 100% available at participating heritage railways, cliff railways and tramways throughout the UK.

    The HRA will confirm your Staff or Volunteer status and issue your pass through the IWSR – passes can take several weeks to arrive so if you’re planning a trip please apply in plenty of time.

    Free PSA Testing for Men over 40

    The PSA Test is a blood test which can detect the early signs of prostate cancer. The test measures the level of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in your blood. PSA is made by the prostate gland. Some of it will leak into your blood, and the amount depends on your age and the health of your prostate.

    A raised PSA level in your blood may show that you have a problem with your prostate. However, this may not be prostate cancer, other conditions can also cause a raised PSA level. All men over 40 are able to visit one of the PSA testing sessions run by the Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group, as long as they have made an informed choice based on the benefits, limitations and risks of having the test.

    You can find out more at the Isle of Wight Prostate Cancer Support Group website, where you can also BOOK A TEST.

    75% Hovertravel Discount Scheme

    The Steam Railway is extremely grateful to our partners Hovertravel, who offer all volunteers a 75% discount on cross-Solent travel.

    To access this discount, volunteers must book a standard adult or child ticket online and apply discount code HTIOWSR75. Hovertravel will need to see a valid (in-date) IWSR Photo Staff Card on check-in to validate the discount. Additional charges may be made if you are unable to present your Staff Card, and ‘Reasonable Use’ terms do apply. The discount applies to any IWSR volunteer and one accompanying passenger.


    Polo Shirts

      Most departments offer volunteers a branded IWSR polo shirt to wear whilst volunteering. You can order yours here.

      You will usually receive two shirts for each order placed.

      Fleece or Waterproof Jacket

        Volunteers who work in the cold or wet can order a branded waterproof or fleece (depending on their role) to ensure they keep warm and dry. Please order using the form below, and we’ll supply the appropriate garment for your role according to the IWSR Clothing Policy.