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Real Ale Train

Real Ale Train

Real Ale Train 2000 1333 Isle of Wight Steam Railway
Book Tickets 13 July 2024

A Summer’s Day & Evening of trains and fine ale. 


Public trains run on the line throughout the day, with an extended service into the evening - regular fares apply


Timetable to follow


Real Ale Train

Join us for a convivial and most agreeable evening as the train takes you to the ale! Board the train for a tour of the line with stops at Wootton, Havenstreet and Smallbrook Junction stations for a glass or two at each.

Trains will be running through the day as normal and will be followed by a special timetable of evening trains.

At Havenstreet a range of beers will be on tap in the Events Barn. At Wootton beers will be served from the waiting room on the platform, and a bar on the train will be available when the train stops at Smallbrook Junction and Wootton. The Bar at Havenstreet will be open from 16.00


Tickets include unlimited travel throughout the day. Those arriving after 16:00 receive a complimentary pint (for adults aged 18+)

Ticket prices to follow