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Strategic Vision

The Strategic Vision was developed over a two year period and its adoption by the Board of the Steam Railway in 2009 followed considerable consultation with staff, volunteers and the whole membership of the Railway. The document, which extends to some 32 pages, sets out the aims and aspirations of the Railway over the next two decades.

A full copy of the revised 2017 Strategic Vision can be downloaded HERE

After many years of successful preservation and operation as a visitor attraction, the Railway recognises that it could further develop its role as an educational charity, undertake many more restoration projects, and become an even greater force in Island tourism.

Additionally, the development of the Strategic Vision is driven by the fact that the Railway has outgrown many of its facilities. The document touches on most areas of the Railway’s operation and sets out aspirations in a number of areas including:

  • Designating the whole railway as a museum and developing the ‘heritage’ aspects of the Railway
  • Increasing the membership, increasing the support given to the management and staff, developing the volunteer resource, and supporting the ‘preservation’ of traditional steam engineering and operating skills
  • Restoring numerous items of historically important rolling stock, securing other examples of former Island stock, and maintaining our nationally important collection of rolling stock and artefacts
  • Securing additional land and property and acquiring historically important buildings
  • Developing much-needed new buildings including an entirely new mechanical engineering workshop, a rolling stock display and interpretive facility, a new entrance building (to include booking hall, shop, and offices), and new buildings for educational, museum and commercial uses.
  • Increasing the train operating capability
  • Maintaining a policy of expanding the line if it becomes practicable

The Strategic Vision is not a ‘business plan’ in the traditional sense. It is a long-term strategy document, setting out policies, principles and proposals to guide our thinking and decision-making over the next 20 years.

The document also provides an insight into the likely long-term financing requirements to fulfill the Strategic Vision, while also recognising it is essential not to jeopardize all that has been achieved so far. It also highlights the need to develop new funding streams and fund-raising strategies.

Carriage & Wagon Strategy

In January 2021, the board of directors approved a Carriage & Wagon Strategy which sets out our long-term plans for our carriage and wagon fleet. This can be viewed HERE.