Lineside Photography

To promote lineside photography, the IWSR have produced a map showing the best vantage points for photographing our trains.

The map is available below or to download HERE

The places shown all have immediate public access and no additional permission is required from the railway, this does not permit you to be on or about the track. However, you are responsible for your own safety.

This initiative is to improve our trackside safety and in the future the issuing of trackside permits for photography will be restricted.

Index IW Steam Railway - Railway Line Map Smallbrook Junction Station Calloways crossing Whitefield Farm crossing Ashey Road Bridge
(Long Arch)
Deacon's Lane bridge
(Br. 4)
Ashey Station Ashey Grounds crossing Rowland's Lane bridge
(Br. 6)
Havenstreet signal box Woodhouse crossing Packsfield crossing Wootton Station
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Step inside our award-winning interactive Train Story Discovery Centre where the magic of the stea m engine comes alive. Experience the sights, sounds and atmosphere of railways gone by.
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The railway runs five miles from Smallbrook Junction through Ashey and Havenstreet to Wootton. We will start our tour of the line at Smallbrook Junction and take you to Wootton; stopping at all stations along the way - your train ticket is valid for unlimited travel on the day of ticket issue, so please ride as much as you wish
Mute Towards Wootton Towards Ashey Ashey Station accessible Accessible Toilets
Speak to our staff for further assistance if required.
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Home to the Island’s largest bird of prey collection. With over 24 species, it’s a must-see attraction when visiting the Steam Railway. (charged separately)
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