Wootton Edwardian Station

As part of our strategic vision we’re recreating an Isle of Wight Central Railway station of the Edwardian era at Wootton.

Future plans include the installation of full pre-Grouping signalling to enable block working between Havenstreet and Wootton, the creation of a short goods siding with loading dock, the re-installation of the original siding and the possible building of a short platform to take the Ryde Pier Tram or Ventnor West push-pull train.

The first phase of this project included the construction of the new station building and the installation of appropriate fencing, lighting and signage, together with the lengthening of the platform and run round loop. In February 2016 the signal box was moved from its original position onto the station platform, and the lever frame, originally from Shanklin Station was added in 2020.

To facilitate our development plans, two pieces of land have been acquired. The first is a narrow swathe of woodland along our southern boundary. Then, on the northern side of the site, a 12 metre wide strip of land has been purchased on which, subject to planning consent, it is intended that a goods shed based on that which once stood at Ventnor West will be located. A second platform, probably around 25-30 metres in length is planned for the current run-round loop.

If you feel able to support this exciting project, please make a donation here.

Wootton Project 1

Proposed location for the goods siding parallel to the headshunt. The loading dock will be between the siding and fence.

Wootton Project 2

Pre Grouping signal at Ventnor West. It is planned something similar will be installed at Wootton.

Wootton Project 3

This IWC (ex-Great Eastern) van is a possible candidate to occupy the goods siding after restoration.

Wootton Project 4

Great progress has been made on restoring the Signal Box.


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