Wootton Edwardian Station

Wootton Edwardian Station

As part of our Strategic Vision, we’re recreating an Isle of Wight Central Railway station at Wootton, as it might have appeared in the Edwardian era.The first phase of this project included the construction of the new station building and the installation of appropriate fencing, lighting and signage, together with the lengthening of the platform and run round loop. In February 2016 the signal box was moved from its original position onto the station platform, and the lever frame, originally from Shanklin station, was added in 2020.

The current phase involves two main elements.  The first is the construction of a goods shed based on that which once stood at Ventnor West.

The proposed Goods Shed on the north side of the station, subject to planning permission. A small coal yard is included on the plan

A 12-metre-wide strip of land has been purchased on the northern side of the site on which it is intended the building will be located. This will have its own siding and will be long enough to house two wagons.  It is intended that it will contain a small museum telling the story of goods traffic on the Island’s railways.  We are currently applying for planning permission and hope to obtain this in early 2022, with construction beginning later in the year.

The second element of this phase involves the installation of full pre-Grouping signalling, in the style of the IWCR. This is to replace and enhance the signalling taken out in 2008 and will enable block working between Havenstreet and Wootton. It is intended that this work will take place over the next four years.

In 2022, we plan to complete the installation of power, light and telephone into the signal box, together with a block shelf to accommodate the necessary instruments and equipment.  The next stage will see the installation of those signals removed previously, with two subsequent stages seeing the installation of the remaining signalling required to facilitate block working, meaning that two trains can be at Wootton at the same time.

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You may wish to sponsor a part for our signalling project:

Timber signal post (4 needed): £2,500 each

Shunt signal (4 needed) £1,000 each

Signal lamp and housing (8 needed) £300 each

Signal arm (8 needed) £100 each

Metre of point rodding (80m needed) £25 per metre

Wootton Project 2

Pre Grouping signal at Ventnor West. It is planned something similar will be installed at Wootton.