Day Trip by Hovercraft

Day Trip by Hovercraft

Day Trip by Hovercraft 1200 882 Isle of Wight Steam Railway

Enjoy a great day out on the Isle of Wight, visiting the Steam Railway. Cross the Solent by Hovercraft from Southsea, then use the convenient Island Line train to reach the Steam Railway via our handy cross-platform connection at Smallbrook Junction.

Travel by Hovercraft to Ryde

The quickest route to the Island is to catch the Hovercraft from Southsea to Ryde – just a 10 minute ‘flight’.

The Hovercraft arrives at Ryde seafront. Cross the footbridge to the adjacent Ryde Esplanade station for the Island Line train. Riding on these former London Underground trains is quirky part of the day (they’re even older than many of our steam locomotives!). From Ryde Esplanade it takes just 7 minutes to travel the two stops to Smallbrook Junction station.

Hovercraft Dept Southsea 09:30 10:30 11:30
Arrive Ryde 09:40 10:40 11:40
Island Line Train Dept Ryde Esplanade 10:09 10:51 11:51
Arrive Smallbrook Junction 10:15 10:58 11:58
Steam train Dept Smallbrook Junction 10:35 11:13* 12:00
Arrive Havenstreet 11:07 11:40* 12:31


We’d suggest allowing at least 2 hours to explore Havenstreet station, giving you time to visit our Train Story Discovery Centre, see the free Flying Display by Haven Falconry, and discover our Woodland Walk, shop and cafe.

Timetable – Return
Steam train Dept Havenstreet 13:15 14:38 15:15* 15:55
Arrive Smalbrook Junction 13:26 14:49 15:26* 16:06
Island Line Train Dept Smallbrook Junction 13:32 14:53 15:33 16:33
Arrive Ryde Esplanade 13:40 15:00 15:40 16:40
Hovercraft Dept Ryde 14:15 15:15 16:15 17:15
Arrive Southsea 14:25 15:25 16:25 17:25

* Runs on Red timetable days only. Timetables can change – please check with Hovertravel before you travel.



How to Book
  1. Book your return flights with Hovertravel: . With numbers on the each hovercraft currently restricted, you’ll need to pre-book
  2. Book your steam train online: Our website shows the departure times from Havenstreet – trains typically depart Smallbrook Junction about 25 minutes later.
  3. Call or email us with your reference number so that we can reserve a compartment on your preferred return train from Havenstreet to Smalbrook Junction